Our company first began as a book series created by T. Douglas Tarenyika. This created the Universe most of our Projects, characters and worlds as based out of. Our latest project which we are all proud and excited to share is Princess Tatenda and the Forest of Treasures!

Princess Tatenda and the Forest of Treasures aims to shine a light on how pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss and so much more are affecting our planet. Tatenda is pronounced Tah ten dah. It is a name of Shona origin, in southern Africa, meaning “Thank you, we are grateful”. Tatenda tends to speak before she thinks but has great empathy for others, which makes her the perfect advocate to tackle the effects of climate change within her Kingdom. Princess Tatenda's journey inspires us to look inward and take action in a grassroots effort to improve our lives by cleaning up our environment and supporting and loving each other, bettering the world we live in.

  Get to Know Our Team

T. Douglas Tarenyika

Writer/ Director

D ouglas was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe with his 4 older sisters. His mother is from Ethiopia and his father, Zimbabwe. He moved to America in 2004 at the age of 16, where he has not only continued to value and uphold his culture, but has also continued to develop a deep appreciation for other cultures as well. His love for different cultures can be seen in the diversity of his friends as well as the characters he has created for his book, from the Zulu-influenced warriors, to the Maori-style fighters. Along with the diversity among his friends, Douglas' deep appreciation for cultures can also be seen in his extensively eclectic taste in music. No matter what country it may be from, you will be hard pressed to find a genre that Douglas won't appreciate. This love for music can also be found in his first novel, Peace is the Mission, from character names to the title of the book itself. Peace is the Mission is Douglas' first published book and hopefully, not his last. .

Kate Bauer

Production Manager

K ate Bauer is a writer, director, and 2D animator. Her Sci-Fi and Experimental films have premiered in underground film festivals held in Helsinki, Berlin, and Los Angeles. After working with analog emulsions in Emerson College’s post-production labs (‘18), she joined Jane Doe (formerly Chain Camera) Pictures in Los Angeles to intern for an Emmy award-winning documentary production team (The Bleeding Edge, 2018 on Netflix) Their latest release centers on Russel Simmons and the #MeToo movement and will appear in Sundance on Jan. 25, 2020. Part of Kate’s time is devoted to the continued development and upkeep of the IndoctriNation Podcast: a weekly show covering cults, manipulators, and systems of control. It is hosted by Rachel Bernstein who is an LA-based Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, cult specialist, and educator. In her free time, Kate develops songs & writings on the topics of 'loss' and gender injustice.
You can view sections of her work at https://katebauerfilms.com/mywork

Gabby Rousse

Campaign Manager

G abrielle Rouse is a screenwriter, casting assistant, and production assistant. Gabby recently graduated from Boston College with a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications. While in school she was a Division I athlete playing soccer in the most decorated conference in the country. While being a full time student and athlete, she also spent her summers interning at Voices of America & CK Strategist, where she was a media intern. There she got her first real glimpse of the world of broadcasting. Since graduating, Gabby has had the opportunity to be a PA for American Idol and 7Cinematics. Working with American Idol, was an invaluable introduction into the entertainment world. She assisted the camera crew and production team at successfully executing the judges auditions in D.C. Shortly after that, she joined the 7Cinematics crew in assisting their filming of the ‘American Music Spotlight’ series. She worked closely with the director of the show as well as the jib operator. Gabby looks forward to continuing writing her own screenplays and contributing to other film projects.

Maicol Arango


M aicol Arango was born in Colombia and currently lives in Bolivia. He is pursing an education in architectural design and has numerous side jobs including freelance illustration work, which is how him and Douglas met.
Arango still lives in Bolivia and is working on completing his degree. As a gifted artist and entrepreneur who knows who that future has in hold for him! "Your gift has helped bring my characters and world to life." T. Douglas

Contact : https://arangoilustrador.artstation.com/