Peace Is The Mission is an Afrocentric Fantasy book series about native Mashonaland men and woman struggling through internal hardships and tribal assimilation as they prepare for the battle of their lives. The treacherous Voleno King Aedus and his newly formed militia of enslaved villagers and methodically controlled soldiers under the command of the most cynical and evil Voleno and Kaal Generals known to man, will ensure by all means necessary the success of their King’s conquest

The Voleno are decedents of fierce fire warriors and burn through their enemies as they conquer new lands. The Kaal are fueled by ice and nothing can stand in the way of their arctic invasions.The two conquering nations have been at war for many generations, and now are forced to join forces against a greater threat to their plans to rule over all lands. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and it is a temporary allegiance that may prove to be a great challenge for the Naguals

The world of the Naguals is slowly being destroyed by the spread of the Kaal and Voleno. The Naguals are people of the lands who have the ability to transcend and connect with a single beast. This brings them closer to life as their bond between them and their beast grows stronger over time. They live off the land and give back what they owe, continuing the circle of life and taking care of the world. But now a threat arises, as the Voleno and Kaal want to spread their territories and acquire the land and homes of the Naguals.

The Naguals are spread throughout the lands and many live in villages where all inhabitants transcend to similar beasts. From the powerful rhinos to the graceful eagles, they live in peace as every member of their society plays their own role. There have always been threats to their way of life from the invading Naguals, but now they face the Voleno and Kaal armies as they fight for more territories, power, and control.


It is an energy, A spirit, The very essence of our abilities. It may be something we cannot see but there is no doubt in our minds or hearts that it does exist. This energy has been fueled by our ancestors for centuries before our time. Many generations of leaders and warriors have used this endowment to attain their deepest desires no matter the cost. War, Famine,Death, A few examples of the plagues brought upon to man by their greed and desire. These men and women are on a quest to quench a thirst that is ever growing and can never be truly satisfied..